Sunday, February 14, 2016

Renaissance Artists: Where Are They Now?

If your like me, you probably love getting inspired by looking at all the paintings of the rennaissance, because they are really beautiful and make you really think of a wonderful time gone by!! But how much do you really know about the arts and artists who made those paintings?

That's why I decided to once and for all try to compile a master document of where are they now for renaissance artists. I'm really sad that the art community has not done a thing like this because it would be helpful for people like me who are getting into painting and want to learn more. So this is a list of early and high rennsaissance (and who knows maybe ill write about a few mannerism painters if the idea strikes me to write about them because really its still debatable if that is a separate movement or just an offshoot of the ren guys).

Michelangelo: Dead
Leonardo Badinci: Dead
Raphael: Dead
Titian: Dead
Sandy Botticelli: Dead
Donattello: Dead
Masaccio: Dead
Jan van Eyck: Dead
Hieronymus Bosch: Dead
Lorenzo Lotto: I think he's dead, but he's hard to research.

CRAZY, HUH? Their are all dead. Kind of spooky when you think of it. So now you know about teh curse of renaissance painters, thanks to me and my little web page.

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