Friday, May 31, 2013

Guy runs away from kiss cam

This one guy was on a kiss cam at a baseball game and just ran away!!!

He was at a game watching the L.A. Dodgers play a baseball game and the kiss cam focused on him and a girl sitting next to him! He freaked out and got up out of his seat and went to the isle and then just ran and ran and ran!! LOL!

The girl was his sister and he didnt want to make out with her so he escaped. So now you know why you should never sit next to your sister at a baseball game if she is a pretty girl!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Green Day hates Psy

Green Day singer Billie Jo Armstrong thinks Psy sucks!!!

Billiejo told people that he thinks that psy is like herpes, LOL! J/K Thats a really mean thing for someone to say, especially if you are someone who wears too much makeup like Green Day does! So now you have heard about a budding indie rock feud between Green Day and Psy!!!!

Robot and Frank is a good movie

If you are like most people you always wanted a robot of your own to be your best friend and to also be your slave so you will really connect with Robot and Frank. Its about a man who is

Boys can play with girls' toys

A little girl helped to get a toy company to market its girl toys to boys now too!!!

Every body knows boys hate to touch anything that is pink or purple and making toys that are those colors automatically makes them toys for girls. So by changing the color of a E-Z

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Garage sales are a great way to make some cash

If you have stuff you dont need anymore and want some more money you should have a garage sale!!!!

Having a garage sale (some people call them a 'yard sale') is a profitable experience if you have some stuff you think other people may want to buy. All you need is a bunch of old junk

Leonardo DiCaprio is a total pimp

Leonardo DiCaprio totally pimped it up on a boat and people took his picture!!!

The guy who was in a lot of movies so its no wonder he has a lot of women hanging out. There is a picture of him with 5 beautiful women hanging out on a boat! LOL!!!! So now you know that if you are very handsome and extremely rich and in many big movies youll have no problem finding a wife!!!!

Internet Safety Tip #4

If you are a victim of a cyber bully you should delete them from your friends list!!!

Cyber bullying is a very bad issue that's even as bad as real bullying which we all know is the worst thing that can ever happen to a kid :~( !! So if you feel like someone online is hurting your feelings you dont have to be friends with them any longer! Just delete them from you're friend list and move on with your life!!!!! Then watch out for them in real life. So now you know how to handle bully who uses the might of teh internet to make you or your kid feel bad.

Dont let the internet keep you from expressing yourself because of cyber bullys!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stegosaurus only had one brain

If you heard that a stegosaurus had two brains that is not a real fact!!!

People used to think that a stegosrous had one brain in its head and one brain in is tail but now scientists think they were wrong about that. Nowdays people just think that a steggy only had one brain in its head and the thing in its tail was another type of organ that wasn't a brain that was used for storing up gylogen. So stegos werent the genious of the dinosuar world after all lol!!!! Also dinosuars brains were the size of a walnut. So now you know the truth about the stegosaurus and its single brain so help spread the truth!!!!

Geraniums come in many colors

If you like colors and flowers you can get a lot of colors from geraniums!!!

Geraniums are a flowering plant with flowers that come in any number of colors so they can make a beautiful addition to anyone's yard. Here are some of the colors that geraniums come in: white, red, pink, dark pink, light red, yellow, blue, magenta and bi-colored blooms! They can also be brown if you dont water them enough! LOL!!!! So now you know about the shades of colors that they come in!

This is what is known as a "red geranium"

They may make an Arrested Development movie

The Arrested Development Movie may still become a movie that comes to movie theaters!!!

If you are like me and are excited about the Arrested Development net flicks shows that you can

Monday, May 27, 2013

Will Smith may make some raps with Kanye West

Will Smith and Kaynee West may be working together to make a new album of rap songs!!!

Will Smith is doing a lot of acting but may switch gears to become a musician one more time!!! This is very exciting because he is my most favorite rapper of history and i would

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baseballs must get muddy

They must rub dirt all over a baseball before they play a baseball game!!!

Its a very special kind of dirt too and baseball umpires must rub the mud on the baseball game each game! LOL! So know you know why new baseballs suck and you should get them messy before you use them to play a game!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jupiter is way bigger than Earth

1,321 Earths could fit inside Jupiter if it was a container instead of a planet!!!!

If you think the earth is big, wait until you get a load of how big jupiter is: It is 1,321 times the size of earth. That's why its the biggest planet in the solar system. So know you know a bit about the size of the planets in the universe!

Redheads aren't going extinct

Redheads aren't really going extinct after all!!!

If your a redhead or your a fan of redheads you may have been very concerned to hear that your race was dying out because of genetic stuff that was happening to the human race!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Substitute applesauce for oil

You can make a recipe healthier by swapping applesauce instead of oil!!!

If you ever walked down the street and saw how many fat people are also walking down the street (or riding on rascal's, LOL!!!!) you know that the U.SA is having an obesity epidemic!!! While its sad and unhealthy and gross that so many people are fat it is purely preventable with a little extra help!!!

Pony Express riders went through horses fast

A pony express rider would get a new horse about every hour!!!

Back in the olden times of horses and before phones, people had to write letters to each other to communicate and the pony express was the fastest way for one person to get a letter to another person. To keep their horses gallolping as fast as they could, riders got a new horse every 10 miles! That's a ton of horses just to mail a letter!!!! Dont complain when the post office makes making a letter costs 46 cents because thats way cheaper per letter because they dont deliver mail on horseback anymore!!!! Now dont forget to remember to know about the american west and the pony express!!!

Ke$ha drank her own pee

Singer Kesha drank her own urine!!! It was on t.v.!!! Im not making this up!


She said she was doing it because she says it is good for your body to drink your own pee but

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amy's Baking Company has a freakout

The owners of Amy's Baking Company went totally bonkers and screamed at everyone who was making fun of them!!!

The owners said that they were hacked but they said all kinds of stupid things to people who were making fun of them online on their online face book profile before they got hacked too! The lesson is not to be stupid and also not to be a totally crazy person when you do your face book replies and posts! So now you know you should keep up with Amy's Baking Company for its crazy replies that are so so so funny!

You can still collect pogs

If you like to collect things or are looking for a new hobby to be your new pass time, you should think about taking up collecting pogs!!!

Pogs were a game that kids played to win more pogs that were rare. There are many kinds

Michael Jackson had a messy bedroom

Investigators revealed that Michael Jackson's bedroom was really messy on the day he died!!!

The king of pop had a very, very dirty and very very dishelved room on the day he died, and investigators took a lot of photographs of his mess. The pictures were shown in a courtroom when people were suing each other for Micheals death.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Legos can be used to make art

If your an artist you can make sculptures out of lego blocks!!!

Yes you read that right Lego bricks are an exceptable medium for artists to use to express

The Venture Bros. series 5 is coming

The adventure brothers will return with a new season June 2 at midnight!!!

Oh boy! I love new cartoons and i love staying up late at night!! Im very very very excited!

Guitar pedals are really cool

If your a guitarist and dont have any pedals you are really missing out on a lot of musical opportunities!!!

Guitar pedals are those little boxes you plug your guitar into. They are really cool because they change the sound of your gutiar like by adding reverb or distortion or wah-wah!! They are also great because they can make you a better guitar player!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The tornadoes made Tim Tebow really sad

Tim Tebow wasnt happy to hear that tornadoes flattened a lot of places in okhalahoma!!!

FOREX Currency trading can be profitable

Trading currency like an investment is a way to get rich!!!

If you buy and sell forms of money and then buy and sell them again when they are worth

You can catch lots of bass with a jig

A jig is a great type of bait if you are going out fishing to catch you some bass!!!

If your going to try out the sport of bass fishing this summer dont forget to do it right with

Wedding flowers can get expensive

Sometimes the cost of flowers at  your wedding can skyrocket and become very expensive!!!

If your getting married and think you have everything planned just perfect you may be wrong! A lot of times you have to make changes to your big day and these changes will force vendors to charge you more! One big place this happens is when you order more flowers at the last minute! So now you know to plan out exactly how many flowers your wedding will need and double check it before making the order to help cut your wedding bills!!!

Tom Brady gets a flower from his son

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady got a flower given to him by his son!!!

Tom Brady is best known for throwing footballs, but he showed his softer side by getting a flower from his son. It is a touching picture and shows that even though Tom Brady is known for wanting to win so bad he can still enjoy the small and beautiful things in life!!!

The flower was a purple one which isnt the color of the New England Patriots but is the color of the Baltimore Ravens! I bet Bill Billacheck was like all "I'm going to stomp on that flower next time I see it!!!!" LOL!!!! So now you know about the flower Tom Brady got all because you took the effort to read my blog!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Customizing your car is cool

Customizing your car is a great way to help express your personality to the world!!!

Pimping your ride which is the same thing as fixing up your car is a wonderful way to help

P. Diddy watches Downton Abbey

Puff Daddy Sean Combs is a fan of Downtown Abby!!!

If your a fan of the hit tv show Downtown Abbey your not alone! One big fan of the show is named Sean Combs who you may know better as P. Diddy who revealed he likes the show. This news was so big that CNN covered it!!!! So now you know what Puff Daddy likes to watch during a quiet night at home in front of the tv!!!

Beware of poisonous snakes

There are 4 types of poisonous snakes in America!!!

Its important to remember to stay away from poisonous snakes because they can bite you and make you die or get really sick! :(

The good news is that in america there are only four kinds of poisonous snake you need to remember not to handle they are the rattle snake, the cottonmouth and the coral snake and the copperhead too and all are very deadly animals. if you see one run away never try to capture a poisonous snake because it's very dangerous and fool hearty!!!!! So now you know not to mess with poisonous snakes when you take a hike!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dave Grohl was in a band before Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl used to be in another band before he formed the Foo Fighters!!!

If your a hard rocking hard rock fan you should probably know that Dave Grohl is in the Foo Fighters and wrote smash hits like "Everlong" "Times Like These" and "Evenflow." But what you might not be aware of is that before he was in Foo Fighters Dave Grohl was in a band called Nirvana! Crazy, huh?

Its even more crazy, because he didnt even sing or he didnt play guitar in Narvana!! LOL! He played drums!!! SMH!!! What a waste of his talent!!! Now you know Dave Grohl's history as a rocker!

Always document your children's lives

Even if its just a quick trip to get a fast food sandwich, its important to document everything your child does!!!

Many parents forget that one day their child will grow up and go off to college or maybe just die in a car wreck and they will be lonely! To help with this, its very, very, very important as a parent to take as many photographs of your kid and children's lives as you can!!! So you can remember them once they move on to other places like a dorm room or heaven. One day you'll want to remember what you ordered at chickfila and snaptshots are a wonderful trick to help you remember your days gone by !!!!!

Martha Stewart calls Jay Leno Dave

Martha Stewart got mixed up and called Jay Leno Dave on television!!!

LOL!!! Martha Stuart must have been confused or drunk or something when she was on the Jay Leno Show  because she called him the wrong name! She was probably just wishing she was on the David Letterman show instead because its funnier than Jay Leno. HAHAHA! Its cool though he's still funnier than Rachel Maddow!!!! J/K rach. Much love!!

And that's how Martha Stewart got embarssed on TV.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Maritime stuff works as decor

Salvaged and authentic maritime goods can be a great way to spruce up any old room in your house!!!

If your a sailor or a pirate or just like the salty scent of the sea and you are getting sick of the way a room in your house looks you should consider redecorating it with a maritime theme! Its easier than it looks! All you need is a bunch of old junk and old crap from old boats, a hammer, some nails and a bit of artistic flair to redecorate your room and make into your new favorite room of the house!!!

Leopards are fast runners

A leopard is a fast runner!!!

There not as fast as there brother the cheetah which is the fastest animal to be discovered yet but a leopard is still pretty flipping fast and can run 36 M.P.H.!!!! They can also jump up to 10 feet in the air! So now you know if your being chased by a leopard, your prolly going to die! lol!!!

The Kinks had the first banned video

The Kink's video for 'Dead End Streets" was the first ever music video to be banned!!!

The video had the band carrying around a coffin and looking spooky. In 1966, this kind of thing wasnt as commonplace as it is in the 2013s and the B.B.C. banned it because it was too scary and too death metal for its era or something but its pretty tame by todays standards, ha! That's an important fact about music video censorship you can now tell people you know about!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The biggest baseball card collection is gigantic

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art has the largest baseball card collection in the known universe!!!

They have a baseball card collection that has over 200 thousand baseball cards in the collection!!! Thats a lot of cards and i bet they may even have the carl yastrzemski card with the big sideburns in their baseball card collection! I hope they are taking good care of them by putting them in clear plastic binders so they dont get all rumpled and damaged and lose their value!!! So now you know if you like baseball or baseball cards or art museums you should really start thinking about visiting New York!!

Star Wars and Doctor Who fans brawl

Star Wars and Dr. Who fans got in a battle at a convention!!!

Its true that there was a battle between people dressed up like people from star wars and other people dressed up like people from Dr Who. Crazy! I wonder where all the Star Trak people were?!?!? LOL!

I hope it was like this:

Darth Vader never said "Luke I am your father"

So you know how everyone always likes to talk about that one scene in Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader tells Luke Sky Walker that he is his father? Well most people dont remember what he said exactly!!! LOL! He never says 'Luke I am your fathter!' He said 'No I am your father!' This unique fact will probably blow your mind if you like star wars! But I have proof!!!!

Getting Gum out of Hair is Easy

There are all kinds of ways to get gum out of your hair!!!

If your like me you probably chew a lot of chewing gum and occasionally get it in your hair. :( DON'T PANIC!!!!!!! You dont have to cut your hair if you have cooking oil or peanut butter or hair product! Those items help you to get gum out of your hair without scissors and can save a hairdo if you happen to get chewing gum in your hair. Don't forget that you know how to get gum out of your hair next time it happens!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Look Who's Talking is Totally Indie

If you are looking for a good movie to watch tonight and your a hipster or other fan of indie-rock, you should probably get Look Who's Talking to watch. I forgot how indie it was until yesterday, when, I watched it again!!!

The only band more indie than radiohead is the Talking Heads right? Plus crazy hairdos that come from the

Internet Safety Tip #3

Watch out what other people rite about you on their blogs!!!!

If other bloggers blog about you, you need to be aware of what they are blogging! If someone blogs about your home address or gives away other details about you in their blog, readers of that blog may be able to find you IRL!!! That can be scary if your a controversial blogger! Now don't forget to put this safety plan into action!

The Office is ending soon

The comedy show The Office is ending and everyone is sad!!  :~(

After 9 years of being a show the Office will show its last show on Thursday. Im very sad too, though not as sad as when Michael Scott left the show! J/K guys, you know everyone feels like that! I just hope stanley gets a spinoff series that is as awesome as the past couple seasons!!! Now don't forget to remember to watch the final episode tonight or youll never know how the show ends.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A French braid is easy

Doing your hear into a french braid is easier than you may think!!

If you think that fancy hair styles are too hard to do, your wrong because with a bit of practice you can do a french braid which is alot like a normal american braid but with more continental flair!! This will even work on a man's hair if it is long enough to get a braid put into the hair. I wonder if Metallica ever had a french braid when their hair was so long??? See below so you will now now how to make a french braid!

Stay fit with Jazzercise

You can stay fit and have fun while you stay fit if you use jazzercise!!!

Its like aeorobics but more jazzy and more fun! Now you know to give jazzercise a try!

Tim Tebow may return

Tim Tebow may be back in a football players uniform soon!!!

But wait not so fast it wont be a Nfl player uniform maybe! The areana football team Philly Soul, which according to that story is actualy a team even though you probably dont know about them yet, wants Tebow to be its quarterback and wear its uniform! How exciting!!

I'm not aware of arena football, but i think its the football where quarterbacks arent allowed to pass the ball which makes it much more exciting even though its inside. Well, that's all that's happening with Tim Tebow right now.

Machu Picchu is really old

Machu Picchu is a very old ghost town in Peru!!!!

It is more than 7 thosand feet above the sea on the side of a mountain and is very beautiful even though its a ghost town. It was constructed in the 1400s to be a place for people to live on the side of a mountain but people left and now it is deserted except for people who go to see it. OK, that's about all I'm aware of about Machhuu Picchu!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You don't have to wait to swim after you eat

It's O.K. if you get in the water and swim without waiting an hour after you eat to swim!!!

Thats just a myth and only 1% of dead swimmers went swimming after they ate, so it's OK to do it. Summer is coming up and its very important to know about water saftey rules but only the rules that are real and not madeup! That's an important fact you now know about swimming!!

JJ Abrams doesn't like Star Trek

JJ Abrahams admitted he doesnt really like Star Trak!!!!

LOL!!! He is the guy who made the new star trak movies and he doesnt even like star track??? WTF? He is going to make a new Star Wars moivie too but he likes that. JJ also made some TV shows like Fringe and a bunch of stupid shows. Hes pretty good at TV and movies!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Great Gatsby is a book now too

There is a book of the Great Gatsby!!!

I was just trying to find out if the movie was on amazon yet, and WOW! they arleady made a book version of the movie! Its crazy how fast these things come out!! It has 192 pages which seems a bit long, but I guess I will try to read it until I can go see the movie. I don't know why Leo isn't on the cover of the book though I would be pissed if I were him!!! It's just some lady! LOL!!! So now you know you can read about the movie if you like books more than movies!

Seth Meyers gets his own show

That one guy Seth Meyers from SNL is going to have his own show!!!!

He is taking over for Jimmy Fallon who was also on SNL. Maybe being on SNL is a good career move if you want to become someone who has his own show! OK Seth, now don't stop being funny like Jimmy did when he got is own show!!! LOL! J/K Jimmy. I still think your super funny!

Internet Safety Tip #2

If you go to meet your internet girlfriend or boyfriend be safe!!!

If you go visit your online love in a different city, be careful!! they could not be as nice as they say and may just be a criminal if you arent careful enough. so if you fly to another city to see your new boy or girl friend, make sure not to let them pick you up at the airport! Now you know how to stay safe in long distance internet romances!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mothers' Day!!!! Happy, Mothers' Day Mom!!!

Its harder to find a good picture to celebrate mothers day with your mom than it is to, find a card for your mom on mothers' day! LOL!! So i just googled "happy mother" for you to see all the happy mothers that are out there. They're all white ladys! How wierd!!! So now you remembered to tell your mom happy mohters' day because of me!

Robots can now smell things

A Japanese robot can smell your breath!!!

If your like me and hate to brush your teeth unless you really need to, the Japanese robot company has a great invention for you. Its a robot that can smell your breath and see if it is stinky or not! No im not making this up! LOL!!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Randy Jackson leaves American Idol

Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol!!!!! Booo!!!

Randy is leaving the hit show American Idol now. It used to be the most winning show ever but its not as popular these days so he is going to quit. He didnt say what he was giong to do next. :( I have some good ideas for him!!!!!

Green Tea is Good For You

Green tea is a very helpful and healthy tea!!!

If you are wanting to make healthy choices and eat and drink more healthy food and drink you should think about making the choice to drink green tea! You might just think it's only for chinese buffays and grandmas, but your wrong! It has lots of good benefits that help your body, like antioxitants, and things that are good for your skin and teeth. It's also good to get as much green food in your body each day, too. So now you should know to try green tea!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Justin Bieber on Simpsons!

Justin Bieber is going to be on The Simpsons!!!

Wow. Homer and Bart get to meet everyone, dont they?!? As if getting Sugar Roos on there isn't cool enough, now Justyn Beeber is on the show too!!! He will appear with some guy who I think is his bodygard and guitarist, and gets shut out of a song contest where bart sings songs. You'll have to turn in to the show on Fox 15 on sunday to see the rest.

Sorry for no posts

I apologize for the silence yesterday and today but Dave got sick!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Internet Safety Tip #1

When you get to be on the online blog community and get people knowing about you, you can get into some bad spots if your not careful!!!! To help other online blog-writers, I'm sharing safety tips to keep you safe and still on the computer because blogging is a calling that cant be stopped by intimidation!

Uganda is huge

Almost 35 million people live in Uganda!!!!!

You'd have to stack four New York Cities with its population of 8,000,000 on top of each other to get something as big as Uganda. That kind of blows your mind doesnt it?

Sigur Ros on the Simpsons

Sigur Ros will be animated as cartoons on the cartoon TV show The Simpsons!!!

I'm only kind of aware of Sugir Roos, but if they are on Simpsons, they must be amazing right? They are a band from iceland that sings in an imaginary language (well, even more imaginary than icelandic, lol!!!!!) and they are really really really indie, in case you have not heard them play they're indie music. They are so indie they'll probably get in a feud with radiohead soon and they can both right songs crying about it. Yes, there music really is that indie!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pufferfish are deadly

The pufferfish is a very, very, very poisonous type of fish!!!

What's most crazy is that all its spikes aren't posoin. it's the guts of the fish that are posoin! IDK who would ever want to eat a prickly fish anyway, though. Stupid people! Now I hope you know not to eat a pufferfish!!!!

America loves Psy!

Psy was on the Today Show!!!!!

Americas just cant get enough of "Gang Man Style" can we? Thats why he was on tv! What a good fact!

PS: Dont quit your job to be a dancer, Matt Lauer! J/K!

Nerve cells look like trees

Nerve cells kind of look like trees!! Sort of!!!

Whats really wiered is that trees dont have even nerves. Scary, huh?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Tacos

Whats a better way to celebrate Cinco Demayo than with tacos? Here's a great resipee!!!

If your like me, you love beef and love American food, so this resipee is right up your ally! It's harder to find a recipee for authentic American tacos on the WWW than you would think! Trust me!!! lol! So now you can say you know how to make tacos thanks to me!

Arrested Development is Back

It's a obscure show, so maybe you dont know of it yet, but Arrested Development is back on Netflix!!! The show has a lot of stars and celebrities on it, and is really funny. They said they were only making one new season, but I just checked, and there are three new seasons on Net Flicks! So now maybe you know a little about Arrested Development!

Elephants live a long time

An elephant can live up to sevnty (70) years old!!!

That's why its extra sad when one dies. So now you know!

LL Cool J + Eddie Van Halen = Love

LL Cool J and Eddie Van Halen recorded a recording with each other!!!

WOW! I bet its so, so, so, so, so, edgy, just like those guys. I can't wait to toreent it!

Take that! David Leeroth, Sammy Hagar and that other singer I can't remember! LOL! J/K I still love Van Halen ;) :) :)

James K. Polk annexed Texas

Texas wasn't part of the U.S. of A. until James K. Polk annexed it!!!

I bet he was all 'O.K., now keep Austin weird!!!" lol!!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dogs have a poor sense of taste

Dogs dont taste food very good!!!!

That is why a dogs will eat such gross things. (You, know what, i mean! hahahaha)

Kriss Kross guy has died

One of the kids in Kriss Kross died!!!

How sad. :~( 
Honestly, Im not really aware of Chris Kross, but if an important music news site like The Daily Pitchfork is covering it, I guess he was really influencial. I think he may be the guy who invented indie hip-hop. 

No matter, what its always a tragedy when a child dies a tragic death.

Jennifer Lawrence falls down!

Actress Jennifer Lawrence fell down while trying to get an award!!!

LOL!!! Hope she isn't that klutzy on the set of the Hungry Games!

J/K, Jen! :) :) :)

Rockies Sign Roy Oswalt

The ROCKIES signed Roy Oswalt!!!

I'm aware of this. Now you are, too in case your not a fan of the Denver Rockys.

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