Friday, June 20, 2014

Secret Menu Items Are Delicious!!!

Everybody who eats at In and Out Burgers knows that they have a wonderful menu of great food that's only available to people who are big enough fans to know about the secret menu and then remember about it when its time to place your order. But did you know that most places also have secret menu items that are more delicious than the regular food they serve to normal people?

Dont feel like your a bad consumer if you don't know about these! Most people don't know of the secret items, so here is your guide to ordering good food all the time!

  • McDonald's McRib Sandwich: Everybody knows about this because the McDonalds always "brings it back" to the store for people to eat. But did you know that you can always get a McRib if you know how to order off the special secret menu? You just need to order a McRib "ronald style," which is the code word. If you don't have the code word, they pretend they don't have the Mcrib, but they try just to serve it to their best customers, but now you know how to be treated like the best customer of them all, RONALD MCDONNALD himself!
  • Subway's Shrimp Cocktail Sub: This is a bigger secret, but it's DELICIOUS! It's a type of sandwich that has fried shrimp, and if you like cocktail sauce it can have cocktail sauce on it too. Subway just cant get enough shrimp to put it on the real menu, so they keep it on the secret menu. Try it with jalapeno peppers if you want a kick of spice!

  • Olive Garden's Summer Tuscan Taco Platter: Think that Olive Garden is just known for its yummy Italian food? THINK AGAIN! A lot of people don't like Italian food (lol! how weird!) and to make the restaurant a place where people who don't like Italian foods might be willing to try every now and then, Olive Garden has a great taco platter. Sadly, you can't get refried beans with it, but the taco shells are very delicious and it will certainly make you think you're eating in a Mexican restaurant in Rome when you eat these!

  • Culver's Super-Cool Custard Burger: Everyone knows that Culvers' frozen custard is very delicious, but you don't have to wait until desert to enjoy its creamy goodness with a Custard Burger. All this is is the Culvers Deluxe, but topped with six ounces of teh Culverts' best vanilla frozen custard. It's a great meal, but you'll need to eat it fast because it can get really messy. You've been warned!!!!! The only down side is that this burger costs $14.95
  • Taco Bell's Platinum-Crunch Tacos: Basically, these are the only Tacos at Taco Bell that won't make you sick if you eat them.

  • Burger King's Budweiser Night: What goes better with the King of Burgers than the King of Beers? NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT! Because BK is still a family restaurant they don't want to have a lot of party people in there, so you can only order Budweisers if you go into the dining room after 9:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. The bad news is that its not draft and only comes with bottles. Some BKs dont do this, so you may want to call around to your area and see if your local burger king participates in this.

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