Friday, May 9, 2014

American Sign Language Music Videos by Mackelmore Rule

If your one of those people who thinks that deaf people cant enjoy music your probably really insensitive and need to try to change your attitude because guess what? THEY CAN LIKE MUSIC!

Just because people can not hear the music doesnt mean that they can't like rock'and'roll!!!! Music is so beautiful everyone can enjoy it.

If you dont believe me, you should because there are a lot of wonderful ASL (that means actual sign language) artists who are doing great things to help the people who can't hear the words in songs to understand our songs. That way they can read what a song is about and be better prepared to make small talk at a party if it starts talking about music stuff or music videos just like normal people do.

If your like me this whole ASL sign language song stuff is really really inspiring. I don't know sign language very well. I can only spell my name and say I love you, but if I knew of anyone who was deaf I'd probably try to learn it. I think these videos would be a great way to enjoy my favorite music and also get a chance to try to learn my favorite lyrics as a good type of sign language that most people think is just a bad type of dancing.

Here is an example of Thrift Store by Mackelmore, who was nice enough to appear in the video as the guy who does the wavy thing with his hands when they are in the thiftstore.

And now after reading my blog you know all about making actual sign language songs into videos for deaf people!! Now go watch some more.

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