Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby Secret of the Lost Legend is a Lost Classic

If your like me, you love dinosuars but hate to see crappy CGI dinos in movie. If that's the case, you really need to check out a good, good movie called Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend. If it's not the case, still watch it, lol lol lol!

The movie comes from the golden age of dino movies when they were still real things in the movies. Not real dinosaurs of course, but people in dinosuar costumes that look, really, really real. The movie is a feast for the eyes especially if you like Jurassic Park!

Unlike most fliks, the dinos in this movie are not evil. There not mean. There actually nice, even those these two scientists have kidnapped the baby one. The baby one is kidnapped for its own good to keep it from an evil scientist, so its not like the main scientists are evil and you have to root for them. They fall in love with the baby dinosaur and even become friends with the beast. Its a real nice story.

BONUS! The bad scientists played by no other than Patrick McGoonan, who was famous for Being #6 in "The Prisoner." It didnt have dinos in that movie, but this is some of his best work. Heres a taste of some of the affects of the movie.

So if you didnt know about all the old-fashion dinosaurs in Baby the Secret of The Last Dinosaur, know you know about them and how you should go see the movie ASAP!!!

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