Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where Are They Now?: Steve Urkel

IF your a big fan of television like me sometimes you start wondering what happened to old characters once they graduate out of their show. Well, that's just what happened when I was thinking about Family Matters and I got to wondering about Steve Urkel.
Urkel is still my favorite guy on that show because he is so nerdy and funny, but he is also very lovable, which makes him better than most of the people you see on TV. Most TV people arent lovable. Dexter? No. Decttive Sipowitz? No.  Urkel? YES!!!!

His name really isnt Steven Urkel in real life. IRL people call him by Jaleel White, which isn't nearly as lovable, but he has done good since Urkel finished up the show. But he's not sad that he's not urkel anymore mostly because he's been busy with stuff. Most recently he did a film called Dumbells. In honesty I have not seen it yet, but I bet its really good if Steve Urkel is in it. He doesnt wear his glasses though so i dont think its as funny as the original Steve Urkel, which kind of makes me sad for him.

So if you were wondering where to get your next Urkel fix, now you know to go see Dumbells, thanks to my informative blogging!!!!

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