Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tips on Dating Japanese Girlfriends

Becuase I have a Japanese girl friend people always ask me for tips on how to get a japenese girlfriend. I usually just say be yourself! LOL! Seriously its always the best advice in every situation unless your a spy or something, then your on your own.

I'm not an expert on it because my girlfriend just loves me for who i am not because i have mad game. But I found this video by an expert on dating Japanese girls so just watch it and learn every single thing you need to know about how to date a japanese girl!

"Not just girls," says Donna Barnes, life and recoach owner of NY Dating Coach, "guys to I guess."

So now if you didnt know that you could use the internet to meet Japanese girls and guys for friendship or maybe something more, now you know! OK now stop asking me all the time!!!! J/K. I like giving advice.

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