Monday, May 5, 2014

Chipotle is not real Mexican Burritos!

I was just at my local neighborhood area Chipotle burrito restuarant and everyone there kept saying 'Happy Cinco day Mayo!" STUPID! Chipotle is not a mexican kind of burrito, so it's not mexican food. DUH!

If you want to have a burrito that isnt made by Chipotle and is a good way to celebrate Cinco Day Maio, you should try this one! It is one of my favorites! All you need is some yummy ingredients like chiles and toreetas and potatos and your in for a real treat!! You'll be eating like a real mexican likety-split!!!

So now if you didnt know that your not eating really truly authentic mexican goods when you go to Chipotle now you know, thanks to me!

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