Friday, May 2, 2014

Hey, all of my fans, I am back!!!!

Hey everyone!!1! Its been a long long time since I helped you with you're lifes with my blog, but I have decided to make the choice not to be retired from it any more!!!!

After the smash success of my Im aware of So much Stuff blog, I have spent my time working as a professional blogger! Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog and helping me get my amazing blogging jobs: 1) I review music albums and importante  news for Absloote punk 2) I put my knowledge to use making quizzes for buzzfeed 3) I am a foreign policy analyze-er for HuffPo.

But awareness and knowledge are my two passions, so even though i am as busy as a busy beaver with my professional blogging jobs i really really want to get this blog back on top of the bloggoverse again! Mostly I just want to make an important difference in my reader's lifes. Pay it forward and all that kind of idea because I have been blessed and it's not fair to hog everything if your blessed is it?

P.S. I am going to start providing advice as an advice columnist on this blog, too, so if you have any hard decisions or problems or any of that stuff you can write me with a question and ask if I'm aware of any solutions to your problmes!

So, now you know about my professional blogging career and my return from retirement to make this blog the best it was like before! Your WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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