Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boys can play with girls' toys

A little girl helped to get a toy company to market its girl toys to boys now too!!!

Every body knows boys hate to touch anything that is pink or purple and making toys that are those colors automatically makes them toys for girls. So by changing the color of a E-Z
bake oven to something that isnt such a girly color, they are showing that boys can play with an EZ bake oven too even though they are traditionally toys for girls. Now boys can bake brownies in their bedrooms without having to burn down the house like if they did it with a real oven!!!! LOL!!! J/K house fires are not funny :(

This is very important because it helps boys not have gender issues if they want to play with a sissy toy like an oven. It is also very very important because now toy makers target demographics for EZBake ovens double and they can now make much more money from selling ovens to boys which is important for the economy!!!  Doll makers have been trying to get people to change their mind about this important issue since teh 70s when they tried to show that its ok for a boy to play with a doll in this movie:

So now you know that boys can play with any toy they want no matter if it is really a girls toy or if it is made out of something that is pink!!

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