Thursday, May 30, 2013

Robot and Frank is a good movie

If you are like most people you always wanted a robot of your own to be your best friend and to also be your slave so you will really connect with Robot and Frank. Its about a man who is
really old who gets a robot to help him remember to do stuff around the house. The robot also helps with chorse so hes very handy to have about the house. Frank doesnt like the robot at first but they become friends!!!

Its a really touching story even if you dont really like robots a lot. It features some big stars like Liv Tyler and Susan Sarandon and some guy in a robot costume, LOL!!!!

SPOILER: The robot isnt an evil robot that tries to kill all humans so its not that kind of movie. Youll love it!!!! So now you know what movie you should get from Net Flicks next time you want to see a good movie!!!

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