Monday, May 27, 2013

Will Smith may make some raps with Kanye West

Will Smith and Kaynee West may be working together to make a new album of rap songs!!!

Will Smith is doing a lot of acting but may switch gears to become a musician one more time!!! This is very exciting because he is my most favorite rapper of history and i would
love to here what his new songs sound like now!!!

He is also working with Cainye West who is my 8th favorite raper of all time so i just know that this would turn out to be good and edgy and influential! WOW!!! If they could just get Will.I.Am to go in on this it would be a very, very amazing project!!!

If you dont know about the Fresh Prince he invented the kind of rap that white people like when he made up this song that became a show called the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Its really good and really funny! He has some other funny songs too like "Parents Just Will Never Understand" and of course Getting Jiggy With It, which is my third favorite rap song of all time. So know you know all about Will Smith aka the FRESH PRINCE and his musical accomplishments past and future!!!!

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