Saturday, May 11, 2013

Randy Jackson leaves American Idol

Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol!!!!! Booo!!!

Randy is leaving the hit show American Idol now. It used to be the most winning show ever but its not as popular these days so he is going to quit. He didnt say what he was giong to do next. :( I have some good ideas for him!!!!!

Randy Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!
I mostly hope he starts up a new show with simon and paula, but one that has more hip hop and indie on it. i would love to help discover the world's next radiohead sugar roos or kanye west on a smash hit tv show.

if he cant get simon (hes probably too grumpy to do it again LOL!!!!) i then hope that randy does the right thing and helps to reunite the Jackson 5. Even though micheal is now dead, they could really make the world love his music even better by a tribute to him with the jackson 5. they could even get janet to take mike's place!!!!

so please, randy, get in touch with Tito, Bo, Jermaine and Andrew to help get the jackson 5 back together and into the music recording industry. everyone misses Michael and we will miss you on American Idol too so it's a perfect time for a comeback!!!! See the video to see how great this is!

That's a little bit of useful facts about Randy jackson and his quitting American Idols, in case you didnt know about what is happening.

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