Thursday, May 23, 2013

Michael Jackson had a messy bedroom

Investigators revealed that Michael Jackson's bedroom was really messy on the day he died!!!

The king of pop had a very, very dirty and very very dishelved room on the day he died, and investigators took a lot of photographs of his mess. The pictures were shown in a courtroom when people were suing each other for Micheals death.

Its so so sad that someone with so much singing talent and dancing talent and talent to project his vision on the world around him wouldn't just die from a bad overdose of drugs. Its even more sad that he couldn't hire someone to clean his room for him or couldnt just do it himself before his tragic death!

One good way to clean up any room in your house is to make two boxes and put everything you really, really want to save in one box and put stuff you don't need into the other box! It can be very hard to part with some of your stuff but its often very important to make the tough decisions and sort out all your junk so you can be more comfortable. You never know when your going to die and leave a dirty bedroom! So know you've heard about MJ's really dirty bedroom!!!

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