Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Venture Bros. series 5 is coming

The adventure brothers will return with a new season June 2 at midnight!!!

Oh boy! I love new cartoons and i love staying up late at night!! Im very very very excited!

Season 5 of the show was delayed for two weeks, but dont panic as hank and dean and the rest of the gang will start having more adventures soon this summer! If your not aware of the venture brothers its a cartoon that is action packed and very silly!!! I dont want to give you spoilers if you missed an episode, but just know that if you miss the show its coming back on t.v. and youll soon be able to see what happens next to the family! I hope its silarious (which means silly and hilarious LOL!) and still as enjoyable!

If you think this is the same thing as the band that is called the ventures, your wrong!! their totally differant!

So now you know about how the Venture brothers and some other people on that show are coming back on television with a new season of that show!!

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