Tuesday, May 14, 2013

JJ Abrams doesn't like Star Trek

JJ Abrahams admitted he doesnt really like Star Trak!!!!

LOL!!! He is the guy who made the new star trak movies and he doesnt even like star track??? WTF? He is going to make a new Star Wars moivie too but he likes that. JJ also made some TV shows like Fringe and a bunch of stupid shows. Hes pretty good at TV and movies!

Still not liking Star Trek is dumb! Its a good show and he got to make too movies and get rich off of it so he should at least show respect for the show and its characters and the universe the characters live in!!!! This is a clip from the original show so if you dont know of the original t.v series you can watch for yourself and see one of it's many highlights!

So that's a little bit of info about the new Star Trek movie and the old star trek show why you should like both the movie and the series!!

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