Sunday, May 19, 2013

Always document your children's lives

Even if its just a quick trip to get a fast food sandwich, its important to document everything your child does!!!

Many parents forget that one day their child will grow up and go off to college or maybe just die in a car wreck and they will be lonely! To help with this, its very, very, very important as a parent to take as many photographs of your kid and children's lives as you can!!! So you can remember them once they move on to other places like a dorm room or heaven. One day you'll want to remember what you ordered at chickfila and snaptshots are a wonderful trick to help you remember your days gone by !!!!!

Its also very important to share these images on a blog or on facebook or your twitter because your friends and family and workers want to experience the joy of your children too!!! Even strangers can see your child and see how wonderful you are if you do it write!

So know you know how to be a better parent thanks to my blog!!! YOUR WELCOME!!!!

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