Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The tornadoes made Tim Tebow really sad

Tim Tebow wasnt happy to hear that tornadoes flattened a lot of places in okhalahoma!!!
In fact, he was so touched that he did something about it! Its one thing just to make a tweet or a donation to redcross, but Timothy Tebow even prayed for the people who died or lost their houses!!! What a great guy! Although he hasnt got a job right now and haters hate on his ability to play QB (he may return soon as a QB!!!!!!!!!!) he took the effort to pray for the victims and then he took the addtional effort to tweet about it on his tweet feed!!! So now you know that Tim Tebow tried to fix up the world by dedicating a little prayer to people unlike so many other NFL players who didnt even tweet or blog about it!

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